Welcome to the Bartimaeus
Resource CentreFor the Visually

Welcome to the Bartimaeus
Resource CentreFor the Visually


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Our New Building

In January 2016 Bartimaeus relocated to the a new building situated at Dodda Gubbi, Anagalapura on the outskirts of the Bangalore. Originally built by the LoveDale Foundation only a few years ago, this four-level building is perfectly suited to the needs of our staff and students.

Architecturally designed as an passively-cooled, eco-friendly school, this building never fails to impress all who come and visit. Originally designed to accommodate up to 200 students, the building easily accommodates our current enrollment of 30 students plus two dormitories with plenty of scope for future expansion.

Some of the Facilities our Students Enjoy:

Boys and Girls Hostels

Students who choose to reside at the Bartimaeus Center are housed in dormitories. Separate dormitories are provided for boys and girls, with live-in house parents for their safety and security.

Computer Room

Access to computers is essential for our students and Bartimaeus has several computer rooms for students to learn in, and also to practice their skills during their own time. We have purchased many computers, whilst others have been generously donated.


The Bartimaeus building was original designed as an eco-friendly school giving us plenty of cool and comfortable classrooms for our students to learn in.

Kitchen and Dining Room

On the ground floor our students receive their meals in a light and airy dining room. Adjacent to the dining room is our kitchen which is hygienic, modern and capable of catering for large numbers of students and teachers.


Braille Typing Machines

4 Perkins Braille-typing machines are being used. These are expensive but necessary items of equipment.


Our Embosser translates normal print text files into Braille. Whole books, specific studies and information notes can be duplicated for Braille readers by this method.


We have complete sets of Braille Instruction Books to teach English Braille progressing from simple open Braille to advanced Grade II Braille.


Cassettes and audio cassettes Cassette players and audio cassettes are used continuously.


Computers play a very large part in Bartimaeus’ instruction. At the moment we have 18 Computers, which are fully utilized all day and most evenings.

Mobility Aids

To develop mobility skills for our students we have a wide range of equipment including tactile learning materials, games, talking books & white canes.