Welcome to the Bartimaeus
Resource CentreFor the Visually

Welcome to the Bartimaeus
Resource CentreFor the Visually


Our Courses

The Course offered by Bartimaeus lasts for approximately 1 year, depending on the individual student’s ability. During that time each person receives training in four basic areas.

Students have a full timetable for computing, reading and writing Braille, mobility, Spoken English and receive a Certificate at the end of the Course.

Our Courses include:

IT and Computing

The Computer syllabus starts with “Touch Typing” on an ordinary keyboard in MS word and learning to control of the Windows operating system using sound software called Jaws. Progression to other software allows access to the internet for e-mails and surfing the web. The use of Skype for computer phone calls (VOIP), and a scanner with Optical Character Recognition ( OCR) makes reading ordinary books a reality.


Most students know Braille in a local Indian language, and the English Braille Syllabus follows the RNIB Fingerprint Braille Reading Scheme, which they apply to Typing on the Perkins.

Here are 2 of our 3 Perkins Braille type writers, with Kavya and Siddamma. Note the 6 keys, one for each DOT .


A mobility lesson is more than being able to walk, they need to know the difference between the mud road or tarmac and the grass or gutter, ie. the shoreline. Orientation and knowledge of the district, helps them know where they are going.

For those born blind, learning to use a cane does not prove too difficult, but for those who have been sighted and have become blind after some time, it is harder to come to grips with this technique.

Spoken English

Spoken English is what supports all the other skills together. It makes sense of what the English Braille is about and computer control terms are still in English on most machines. It improves their social skills and independence to move between different Indian language groups.