Welcome to the Bartimaeus
Resource CentreFor the Visually

Welcome to the Bartimaeus
Resource CentreFor the Visually

Bartimaeus Resource Centre
No.16/4, SVK Layout, Anagalapura,
Dodda Gubbi,
Bangalore 560 077

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+91 9742869540

+91 9845038257

2019 Urgent Fundraising Appeal

From January 2019, Bartimaeus has experienced a sudden and unexpected drop in donations. This has coincided with some urgently needed repairs and increased costs for many of our basic supplies. Please download our fundraising appeal for more information.


Our Vision

We seek to educate and rehabilitate visually impaired young people so they can become regular, employable members of Indian society. We do this knowing that the blind are ambitious to live as normal a life as possible, supporting both themselves, and also their families. This is the need that we are fulfilling with the support of local benefactors and the Christadelphian community world wide.

Our Challenges

At present, the poorer sections of Indian society are not geared to educating the blind in the modern sense of the word. Their employment prospects are considered to be limited to basket weaving and garden furniture and very few families have the means or the initiative to enable them to go further.

  • Braille
  • Jaws voice control software
  • Microsoft Office
  • Touch Typing
  • Mobility Skills
  • Spoken English
  • Scanning and OCR
  • Daily Living Skills


Our graduates have found employment at the following corporations and agencies: